School Bans National Anthem From Being Sung By Students



Eight teachers including the Principal, resigns their job as the school management has banned the national anthem from being sung by the students.



The Principal of this school was appointed just a month ago.

When asked about this issue, the Principal said that, “I was making arrangements for the Independence Day programme, and I got to know that the national anthem should not be sung. They have already banned Vande Matharam and Saraswati Vandana. Now, the national anthem. We are looking forward for a legal action.”

All these bans are done by the manager, Mohammed Zia-ul Haq. When asked about this, he replied that “The national anthem has never been sung on the school campus, and cannot be allowed as it is un-Islamic. I run a school and have to abide by the parents”.

He further explained that the national anthem states that the country is bigger than religion and god; it shouldn’t be accepted by any true muslim(seriously? -_-)


But, there are only 130 Islamic students along with 200 Un-Islamic students. Let’s don’t mind that. No one can stop a person from singing their National Anthem.

Recently appointed Chief secretary Deepak Singhal said, "I will look into the issue and appropriate action will be taken."


This issue has kindled the anger of many Indians, including Allahabad’s District Magistrate Mr.Sanjay Kumar. He said that, the school is not recognized by the government for classes under VIII. He added, “Strict actions will be taken against the school. They will be given an opportunity, during the meeting of the manager with me, this evening.”


Following a religion and believing in something is very different from forcing people to follow our own thoughts.




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