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20 Types Of Friends We All Have – Friendship Day Special

friendship day



We all have various types of friends in our life. Some stay lifelong, some stay for a short period of time, but their memories always remain lifelong. So this FRIENDSHIP DAY, let us help you with remembering a few of your friends. Listed below are 20 common types of friends, Tag the ones who come to your mind as soon as you see it!


1. The Cool One

Always cool and is fun to hang out with. Keeps cool even when things go wrong and offers real life advices rarely but they turn out to be the best ones. Can smooth talk their way into and out of anything and is the most preferred one in the group!


2. The Naughty One


Always full of dark humor and pervy jokes. Adds extra fun when around. Gives all the sex advice and always has a story to tell when it comes down to intercourse. Great to hang out with!


3. The Desperate One

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Has a hard time getting into a relationship and is totally desperate. Funny to see their frantic attempts and how they spoil their chances by their corny moves!


4. The Rude One


The bossy one and has something rude to say very often. Pisses off people and gets pissed very easily. Not much fun to have around but hey! They are our friends too, so we love them and we end up missing them if they aren’t around!


5. The Funny One


The best person of the group. A hangout or a plan without them is incomplete. They are the ones who double up the fun. Is mostly an innocent and a lovable person!


6. The Flirty One

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Flirt of the group. Helps the desperate one and the funny one to get some action. Never runs out of flirty lines and is very good at complimenting people.


7. The Nerdy One


The one who comes in handy during tests and examinations. Helps the group out by letting us copy his work and answers. Sometimes gets flaunty with his IQ but is fun to have around!


8. The Fighter


“What do you say bro?!” Always ready to throw a punch and start a fight. Gets angry very easily and uses force if any member of the group is being troubled. But it’s not okay to fight! Always try working things out by initiating talks not by throwing punches!


9. The Techie


This guy is a savior when we need help with tech. Fixes all our gadgets and helps us get the best out of it. No need for a professional help when this person is around!


10. The Motivational One


The supportive friend who is always there to make you feel better whenever you feel low. Always assists you and backs you up emotionally. Best person to have around in times of despair. Probably has gone through many odds in their life which made them strong and now they help us out!


11. The Movie Buff

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Takes you to all the new movies which comes out and is often found talking about movies. Follows celebrities and keeps you updated on the celeb gossips. Fun to watch movies with and is always there to narrate the story without hesitation in case if you missed it out!


12. The Veggie


We have to choose different eating spots just for them. They are often found sitting around drinking some fresh juice or eating some dessert if the group plans to visit a non-veg restaurant. Oh, they are so innocent wink


13. The Fitness Freak


Forces you to hit the gym but you end up hating yourself and return home puffing and panting. Works out and keeps fit, often reminds you to quit couching around and motivates you to get in shape!


14. The Trash Talker


Swears too often. You have to remind them to mind their tongue when you have them around at your place when parents are around.

“Holy f*** signal parents are around* “Holy…Holy..Holy Cow!”


15. The Always Hungry One


Always hungry and is found munching on something often. Has to take breaks just to eat something. Carries loads of snacks during road trips and is often the food supplier!


16. The Hottie


The best looking member of the group. Flaunts their looks and often has you envying about them. Teaches you grooming tips and helps you pick the best clothes! Is trendy and smokin’.


17. The High One


Is High most of the times. Has no idea what’s going around and gets into trouble often. Might suggest you to try but DO NOT! Peer pressure is one of the main source for someone to start doing drugs and get addicted. Say “No” to Drugs!


18. The Emo


Has always something emotional to say and needs support often. Has a sad story or is going through tough time and breaks down now and then. Help them feel better and let them know everything will be alright and be there for them!


19. The Little One

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The youngest looking member of the group! Often stopped by guards when trying to enter a bar or a club. Given special care by everyone because they are cute and tiny! Oh, the time when I was asked to show my ID to get into the bar but still was allowed in only with a suspicious look.


20. The Soup Boy

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Has trouble getting over their break up and is totally done with life at the moment. Often found saying emotional stuff about their ex or crush who rejected them and how much they loved them! Help them find someone else or tell them it’s not the end of the world and there’s a lot of fishes in the sea!


Well, That’s a few types of friends we all have! Tag the people who came to your mind when you read this and share! 


Happy Friendship Day to all on behalf of Team Entertales!

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