Salman Khan’s Photo In The Marksheet Of Agra University Student



Only one word explains a recent case happened at Agra university and that is OMG! perhaps funny. 

Salman always remains in media because of his bold action and comments. More than an actor, he got a reputation as “Bhai” among film industry but here is an incident which will even surprise Salman.

According to a reliable media source, Agra university issued a mark sheet to a first year BA student of the Amrita Singh Memorial Degree College in Aligarh but what is strange that instead of student’s photo they used Salman’s image.

What is even funnier that mark sheet in which Salman Khan’s appeared only managed to score 35%. In both cases, it will worry Salman.

Salman Khan

However, before the matter goes out of hand the mistake has been realized as Marksheets were about to distribute to concern students.

“Any formal complained hasn’t filed yet,” said Dr. Girija Shankar, official spokesman of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra.

Agra University Student

What will Salman do now, everyone is looking forward to him regarding this issue. This unique kind of incident is a result of a mistake or someone deliberately did this is still not clear.

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