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Salman Khan On His First Love Story ‘I Felt Heart Broken When She Was Dating Others’

Salman Khan

Salman Khan the heart stealer broke his heart for the first time when he was a teenager. Yes at the age of 16. 

Unrequited Love

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Salman Khan brings the hype wherever he goes. To conclude Salman Khan is one of the most popular celebrity in Bollywood. From children to old aged people everyone adulates Salman Khan. Due to that jacked up body and handsome clean shaved face Salman Bhai has the charm to allure anyone. Nobody denies, the fan following he has. From Kashmir to Kerala girls are crazy about him. Somehow, do you know Salman Bhai was also the victim of unrequited love?

Kya? Bhai Ko Bhi Friend Zoned Kar Diya

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Salman Khan’s love life had been the prime focus for each and every interviewer he faced. Somehow he always found a way to bypass those personal life questions. In a recent interview with a youtuber Hanee Chavan, again the focus set on his love life. Unlike the other times, this time Salman Khan opened up about his love life like never before. Talking about his bollywood exes, Salman Khan told us about his one sided love story when he was a teenager. Yes! You have heard it right Salman Khan is also the victim of what we call friend zone.

Now Let Us Hear His Story through His Words

Here are his words that he said in the interview about his crush back when he was teen.

I was 16 and there was this girl I really liked, but I could never muster the courage to tell her that. I was scared she would say no. She dated two of my friends and it didn’t work out [with either of them]. She was a friend to me, but never liked me romantically. When others dated her, I was heartbroken. She never got to know of my feelings. She must have noticed , but she was not into me. I was bummed.

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Maine Bola Tha Tommy Tumhe Kaatega

She had an erratic dog she couldn’t control. That dog once bit me. I had barely raised my hand and she yelled at me. That was when I realized, it’s over. She doesn’t like me, her dog doesn’t like me and her family comes a lot later. I was sad for a few days and it felt like life was coming to an end. Today, I thank God. Till this day, I don’t take her name. I am sure she is happy. I haven’t seen her in 35 years.

The Incident with dog seems familiar as we had seen it in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

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You can watch the entire interview here.

From the story of Salman khan we can conclude that anyone can be friendzoned, we just need to know our limits and just step aside as Salman Bhai did. We have to know the difference between effort and desperation and write your view and reviews about it in the comment sections.

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