Even After Retirement From PSU, He Drives An Uber To Help Poor Children




Sometimes we witness the best things in our life journey. That’s what happened to this Delhi boy Jastej Singh during his morning ride with a taxi.

Just like every day, Singh, who is pursuing his MBA booked a cab early morning to head back to his hostel from his campus. To his surprise, he saw the driver who is in his 60s and well-dressed cleaning the back seat of the car with utmost care. As singh doesn’t prefer travelling in the back when travelling alone, he joined the driver in the front.

Singh jokingly said, “Don’t make your children study MBA” as he was trying to understand on his way about a case study. The Uber driver’s reply baffled him completely.

“Why are you so worried about the case study, do SWOT analysis and make sure that your solution is sustainable for at least 5 years,” replied the Uber driver.

Fascinated by the answer, Singh talked to him further to know what he is. The driver is a retired General Manager of one of the biggest PSUs in India while his wife is a professor at a reputed business school in Delhi and their son is an officer in Merchant Navy.

He can afford a comfortable lifestyle in Delhi as he gets a handsome pension but he doesn’t want to sit idle at home. And, he donates the extra income to help poor children.


With this, one thing is clear that no work is small and deserves equal respect from all.

“The real reason is, that he was raised in Ghaziabad and was one of the first few students to have joined the local Ingram. He drives around whole day, so that every month, he can pay the fee for those students in the same Ingram, who are very bright but can’t afford education,” Singh wrote in a detailed Facebook post.

While his trip came to an end, the driver said,” Visit my home, whenever you get time, we will discuss this over a cup of chai. And feel free to call me or visit me for any sort of help, bless you”. You can read the full post here.


Definitely, age is just a number. There will be always something to learn from elders. Isn’t it? Share us in the comments.

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