What Is The Right Of Pakistan To Fight For Kashmir ?

Indian Oil


I should say it's not fight, it's deceiving. Because if you fight from front it’s called war but if you fight from back it’s deceiving, probably a coward attack that’s what exactly witnessed in the recent Uri terror attack.

In the recent study conducted by UK-based organization Global Justice Now, it’s revealed that Indian Oil Corporation had 40% higher revenue than Pakistan in the financial year 2015-16 where the Indian oil revenue was $54.7 billion in the fiscal year, while that of Pakistan was $38.7 billion.




The country can’t even improve their economy and they want the land of others. The recent Uri Terror attack is the result of their cowardness.

You are dying of poverty but looking for our land. What would you do with it? Will you eat?

Concentrate on your economy first. Provide basic needs to your people.

Indian Oil Corporation is not so profitable organization of India, and Pakistan’s earnings are lesser than it and so we can imagine their economy.

Educate them well and increase their standard of living.

Don't you think so?


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