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These Absolutely Ridiculous Reasons Why You Won’t Understand A Woman Ever

It Is Almost Impossible To Understand A Woman

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5. It Takes Them Six Months To Choose A Haircut

Strange Things Men Cannot Understand About Women

“Six Month” is an exaggeration here, but seriously women take a lot of time to choose a haircut.


6. Why It Takes Too Long For Them To Get Ready For Bed?

Strange Things Men Cannot Understand About Women

We all know women take a lot of time when getting ready to step outside the house. However, it is still hard to understand that why it takes them too long to get ready for bed. At the end of the day, you need to sleep or you are going for a date in your dreams.


7. Why Don’t Just Speak It Out?

Strange Things Ridiculous Reasons

A 26-year-old guy Ravi said, “I don’t understand why women can’t just speak more directly. They always want you to do something, but they don’t put it in words. Instead, they talk about the issue. I wish they were more up front and just said it!”

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