Ratan Tata Invests In India’s First Senior Citizen Companionship Startup Goodfellows


Ratan Tata, Tata Group‘s former chairman, is a wonderful human being, as we know. On Tuesday, he announced his investment in Goodfellows. It is the country’s first start-up for companionship for senior citizens. Start-up investments by Ratan Tata are very well-known. However, his stake in the company that his assistant Shantanu Naidu founded was not disclosed. The young, educated graduates are tested thoroughly on emotional intelligence and empathy. Goodfellows offers senior citizens genuine connections.


Ratan Tata’s Investment In The Startup Goodfellows

Ratan Tata GoodFellows

Ratan Tata recently commented on his investment in Goodfellows. He spoke about how important the bonds that Goodfellows help create between the two generations are. They are assisting India in addressing a significant social issue. He also wants the investment to foster the development of the young Goodfellows team. Ratan Tata said, “You do not know what it is like to be lonely until you spend time alone wishing for companionship.”

Ratan Tata

The crew says it has been a challenging yet worthwhile endeavor. They noted that the graduates undergo several rounds of vetting. They also conduct some in-house psychometric tests to choose the best graduates. Many have already subscribed to the service. Finally, they ensure that the “Goodfellows” bond with their Grandpals. Their bonding is in an authentic and meaningful way and not just cosmetically.


15 Million Elderly People Live Alone In India

Ratan Tata GoodFellows Senior Citizen Startup

A Goodfellow provides the same services as a grandchild would provide. In India, 15 million elderly people live alone. They are alone because they have either lost a partner or their families have moved away. It happens due to unavoidable work obligations. Many of them have start-ups or caregivers for practical requirements. However, loneliness is the main factor contributing to declining mental and physical health. The Elderly can sign up for the services at the website or by visiting their Instagram profile.

Ratan Tata Shantanu GoodFellows

The business has spent the last six months completing a successful beta run. The company will now offer its services in Mumbai, with Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore as its next three destinations. Goodfellows had a positive response during beta testing. Additionally, they received more than 800 applications from recent grads.

Additionally, Goodfellows organizes regular events for the Grandpals’ enjoyment and participation. They engage in activities with their Goodfellows, strengthening the bond and enjoying it in a new setting.

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