Here Is Everything About Palitana, ‘First Vegetarian City In The World’ You Should Know

There are around 1000 Jain Temples in Palitana

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We must know that the “Vegan Capital of the World” is Tel Aviv in Israel. However, the “First Vegetarian City of the World” is in India. You did read that correctly. The first vegetarian city in the world is Palitana in Gujarat. There is not a single non-vegetarian restaurant in this city. It is located in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district.

Actually, it is illegal to sell meat, eggs, or kill any animal for human consumption. It is an important Jain pilgrimage site. Palitana is a part of Saurashtra. Therefore, visitors can explore magnificent cities, temples, wildlife, and beaches nearby. From Shatrunjaya’s base to its summit, the area is blessed with the largest proportion of Jain temples.


Palitana ‘First Vegetarian City’ In The World

Palitana Jain Temples

The decision for Palitana to become a vegetarian was made in 2014. 200 Jain monks went on a hunger strike that year to close 250 butcher shops. They want to ban the consumption of meat in the city. This is so because those who practice Jainism see the location as holy. There are numerous Jain temples there. They believe that Adinatha, their savior, walked the Palitana hills. Then, the government banned meat consumption. They acted in response to the wishes and sentiments of Jain practitioners.

Palitana Jain Temples

In the city, neither meat nor eggs are sold or consumed. However, milk, ghee, and butter are still legal for sale, and people consume them. There are a lot of Jain followers all across the world. Between four and five million people follow Jainism. The place also has around 1,000 temples, making it the only hill city in the world with these many temples. Every temple in Palitana boasts mythology about Jain mythology and history. The devotees donate gold and silver throughout the years by which they construct the shrines here.


Jain Mythology

Palitana Jain Temples

According to Jainism, all living things—including plants, animals, and people—contain souls. They believe that each of these souls has equal worth and should get good treatment with respect and compassion. Jains eat only vegetarian food as a result. Concern for the well-being of every living thing in the universe is at the heart of Jainism.

Palitana may not attract meat lovers. However, it is the ideal location if you want to adopt vegetarianism. Palitana is also the best place to go if you are a vegetarian. Pure Jain food, a large number of temples, and also an eventful past are all present. It is also one of the religious places that every Jain should visit.

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