This Pune Doctor Waives Hospital Fees For The Birth Of A Girl Child And Even Hosts A Grand Party

Doctor Ganesh Rakh Delivers Female Babies For Free

Doctor Ganesh Rakh Pune Birth Of A Girl Child

Our nation is popular as a land of religious diversity, peace, and love. A girl in this country is regarded as a goddess. However, Sons and daughters are still a victim of discrimination even today. When they are blessed with a son, these people are happy and celebrate, but when they are blessed with a daughter, the entire house is silent or filled with sorrow. However, to eliminate such a mindset, Dr. Ganesh Rakh from Pune started “Beti Bachao Janandolan.” The birth of a girl child is celebrated at this hospital in Pune.


Pune Doctor Waives Hospital Fees For Girl Child

A doctor from Pune is attempting to save the girl child. His Beti Bachao Janandolan includes this. He waives the hospital fees for female babies born at his hospital as part of this mission. The doctor also extends a hearty welcome to the little ones. He hopes to inspire parents to have more daughters by doing this. In the Hadapsar area of Pune, Dr. Ganesh Rakh runs a maternity and multi-specialty hospital. His mission has been ongoing for eleven years. Since then, without charging any fees from the parents, Dr. Rakh has delivered more than 2400 girls.

He does this to raise awareness about the need to address gender inequality. When a mother gives birth to a girl, the hospital arranges a huge party. By cutting cakes and showering flower petals on the parents, they appreciate and congratulate them. The doctor also holds felicitation for the parents. Upon their discharge from the hospital, Dr. Rakh also arranges a ride home for the mothers and their newborn daughters in a decorated auto-rickshaw.


Dr. Rakh Speaks About Gender Inequality

In an interview with PTI, Dr. Rakh claimed that the little project he launched in 2012 at his hospital has since extended to several states and some African nations. He had several experiences during the hospital’s early years where there was extreme gender discrimination. Moreover, if a girl is born, family members sometimes hesitate to see her. He was inspired by that image to take action to save the girl child and raise awareness of gender equality. According to a government survey, more than six crore incidents of female foeticide occurred in the past ten years.

The doctor stated that this is a form of “genocide.” People’s preference for a son is the cause of female foeticide. Additionally, according to a report, there is a striking decrease in incidents of female infanticide. Additionally, they are engaging with several states around the nation and doing programs to promote gender sensitization. Waseem Pathan welcomed a girl and a boy as twins last month and expressed his gratitude for the hospital staff’s kind greeting.

They have also had a lot of assistance from the general public, medical professionals, and social services organizations. To date, they have the assistance of more than 4 lakh doctors, 13000 social groups, and 25 lakh volunteers.

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