National Girl Child Day – What The Day Is All About



It was National Girl Child Day and the only thing I could think of was to try to feel as powerful as possible. As the day is dedicated to girl children, it should bring enough feminism spirit in me. But, then again, I could not think of hovering on the fact that, no matter what I do, I must work harder to show my potential. Gloomy things apart, I am honored to witness such day, but we need to understand the true dedication behind celebrating it. The day is not to empower the girls but to make sure that the immense divinity and vast pool of energy of being a girl is celebrated. It is more about recognizing the inner girl and less about comparing them with other gender’s capabilities.


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Of course, girls are privileged creatures. They are privileged enough to understand the hardships from very young age so that they can become a compassionate creature to help some amateur minds later in their lives.

Girl child day is less about bringing power in girls and more about stimulating their buried confidence.  


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She comes, she conquers the world, and she leaves

When born, she should be celebrated like spring…

A girl child is an epitome of God’s grace…

At every footfall, life comes as preaching to her

Yet, she conquers it like a pro,

as if she was born to put a dent in imperfect rituals…

But, then comes the external energies, trying to box up her freshness,

Either the flower blooms and creates a garden of freshness or it droops carrying the baggage of moralities...”


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