Robert The Doll, Here Is A Tale Behind The World’s Most Haunted Doll

Spooky Real Tale Of Most Haunted Robert The Doll

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While it may be hard to think of toys like dolls to be haunting, certain tales beg to differ. Horror movies like Annabelle and The Conjuring give us an idea of how scary dolls can be. However, real stories are much more frightening and thrilling to know. There are plenty of cases from the past that tells about dolls becoming evil. Many people have had sleepless nights and have become victims of wicked dolls. While many tales could be alleged, we have come up with a story of a real-life possessed doll, “Robert the doll.”

If you are curious about the world’s most haunting doll while also seeking spooky chills, then you are in for a treat. Read on.


Tale Of Robert The Doll

Robert The Doll Most Haunted Doll

Apparently, this haunting doll was a property of a boy named Robert Eugene Otto. Yes, the boy and the doll shared the same names; however the boy mostly used to reply to “Gene” or “Otto.” This doll was a childhood birthday gift to the boy from his grandfather, who brought the doll from Germany. Furthermore, what is interesting to note is that the doll was Otto’s pal until adulthood.

Robert The Doll Origins

The boy Otto used to live in the Artist House along with Robert the doll. As per the legends, mishaps started to occur, and Otto used to blame the doll for it all. To date, people believe that Robert the doll allegedly breaks people’s bones and causes car accidents, job loss, divorce, and whatnot.


World’s Most Haunting Doll

Robert The Doll Most Haunted Doll Fort East Martello Museum

Talking about the appearance of Robert the doll, its face only vaguely looks human. The doll, now aged 117 years, is made up of straws. Furthermore, its face is covered with brownish spots that look like scars. On the other hand, its eyes look like two black beads. What is worth noting is that the doll had its own toy, a dog.

At first, the relationship between Otto and the doll seemed normal. However, with time the weirdness ensued. People outside the house started noticing something about the doll being off. Several stories claim that many times Otto was seen talking to two distinct voices in his room. Furthermore, many times he woke up in the middle of the night, screaming.

The tale is not restricted to Otto’s childhood, though. The doll was still part of Otto’s life after his marriage. Otto’s wife hated the doll, however. After the death of Otto and his wife in 1974, their house was purchased by Myrtle Reuter, who became the new caretaker of Robert the doll. Visitors claim that even after the death of Otto if they visited the house, they heard footsteps and giggling in the attic.


Where Is Robert The Doll Today?

Robert The Doll

Robert’s new caretaker Reuter also shared some spooky experiences. She shared how Robert would move around the house on his own. Consequently, after living with the doll for 20 years, she decided to donate it to a museum. Today, the doll is placed inside a glass case at the Fort East Martello Museum, Key West, Florida.

The museum accepted the doll believing all the tales associated to be nonsense. However, surprisingly, the museum shares how they still get regular reports of evils attributed to the doll.

Convertito, the caretaker of Robert the doll in the museum, was once asked if she thinks Robert is haunted. She gave a very interesting response by saying, as we quote,

“I don’t know. I really don’t.” “I’ve never had a bad experience with it. I’ve never felt uncomfortable. It’s always been a very basic relationship, and I have a job to do, and I go and do it. And whether there’s something to it or not, it just allows me to get on with my job.”

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