This Bewitched Doll Worth $1100 Is Attacking Its New Owner At Night!

bewitched doll



If you somehow happen to believe in the existence of the ‘other world’ or ‘life after death’, then this article is going to be a 4 -minute idyll for you. Of course, it won’t include women in white sarees or an old creepy watchman with a lantern in hand, but it surely has the ability to chill your spines and scare you to the core.  A Barbie doll, which is a non-living creature, is reportedly attacking its new owner multiple times in a day! If you still think I am talking rubbish, read on

This sweet looking Barbie doll, which is possessed, was sold on eBay in $1100. While its owner is asleep, the doll is attacking and harming him. Troubled from all the weird experiences every night, the owner decided to dig its history.

History of The Doll


The previous owner of this possessed Barbie doll was a woman named Debbie Merrick. Debbie was distressed due to the strange behavior of his husband. He was experiencing paranormal activities around him while he was asleep. Debbie claimed that the doll used to scratch his husband, remove off its own necklace and even turn the fire alarm off!


A Ghost Doll Worth $1100!


Tired of all these shenanigans, Debbie decided to give up the doll on eBay. The doll was purchased by a US- based paranormal researcher and scientist Lee Steer. He was curious about the doll and so he did not bother paying $1100 for a doll.


And Yet Again.


Soon after, Lee’s family also started experiencing the similar happenings. His dad had scratches all over his body. Lee claimed that whenever any topic related to the doll was discussed in their house, something unusual used to happen. A wall painting called The Crying Boy once started swinging in its own. Lee then decided to carry out an exorcism experiment on the doll and he also shared it through a LIVE video on Facebook.

Scary isn’t it? You can never realize which toy kept in your house may be possessed!

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