Check The Video, A Professor Pushed His Ailing Mother Off The Terrace At Rajkot

He Said He Was Tired Of Taking Care Of Her

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All the parents take care of their children. Moreover, they do all the efforts to provide a better life to their children. The unconditional love between the parents and child make the bond unbreakable. However, a man from Gujarat has brought the shame to the relation. He pushed his ailing mother off the terrace.


Sandip Nathwani Pushed Her Ailing Mother Off The Terrace

Ailing Mother

Admittedly, it is the responsibilities of the children to take care of their parents when they are going through the tough times. However, 36-year-old Sandip Nathwani decided to get rid of the tough times but in another way. He was fed up with taking care of his mother hence he led his 64-year-old mother (Jaishree Ben Nathwani) to the terrace and pushed her off.


Jaishree Ben Was A Patient Of Brain Hemorrhage

Ailing Mother

Jaishree Ben was a patient of the brain hemorrhage; she was living with her son, daughter in law and her grandchildren. Sandip is a professor in Mody Pharmacy College in Rajkot.


Police Reopened The Case

Ailing Mother

Police were treating the case as death but later they received a letter which revealed that it was a murder. Police grew curious as she could not walk without support. Hence, police checked the CCTV footages of the apartments and found that all the proofs were indicating towards Sandip. In the video, Sandip was seen leading his mother to the terrace.


An Appalling Reason

Ailing Mother

Sandip has accepted his felony before uttering a shocking reason. He told that he was fed up with taking care of his mother. This inhumane act has shocked the world. In this world full of melancholy, even the relation of a mother and son is not safe.

Check the CCTV footage here

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