This List Of Mobile Phone Collections From The Past Will Take You Back In Time



The DynaTAC was the first mobile phone ever made

The one which has started it all. The Motorola DynaTAC was the first mobile phone ever made which was released in the year 1984. Although it took around 10 hours to charge which lasted for 30 minutes of talk-time and could store 30 numbers maximum.


Nokia 6210 was one of the most popular work phones

Known as the ‘ AK-47 of the mobile phones’ by Bob Geldof, this Nokia 6210 was actually one of the most popular work phones at that time. While the model with its follow-ups is still in use by the people all around the world.


Remembered as the Palm Treo, the PalmOS-based smartphone

Known as the Palm Treo, this PalmOS-based smartphone had started its life as the Handspring Treo 180 with a kind of flip-phone form factor. Also with a resistive and monochrome touchscreen.


Blackberry’s Pearl consumer-facing efforts

This phone took the Blackberry’s Pearl consumer-facing things. While It ran with a full keyboard and a little roller ball which quickly got gummed up along with a built-in camera.


20. Sony Ericsson Walkman

sony ericsson walkman

Sony Ericsson W800 phone was released in the year 2005 in the United Kingdom. While it was the first ever Sony Ericsson phone to have the Walkman brand. So this phone features a  Bluetooth connectivity, and also Infrared and USB connectivity.

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