Check, Some Of The Biggest Technology That Died In 2017 – #2 Is Shocking

These technologies died in 2017 via

Every day various of new gadgets come up in the market due to the advancing technology. The biggest of companies keep launching new technologies but not all of them work in the market. The people have certain expectations and if they don’t find a product that attractive and useful, they don’t buy and use it. So, here are some of the biggest technologies that couldn’t make it in 2018 and died in 2017 only. Have a look at them.


1. 3D TV

3D TVs are dead

3D Tvs were supposed to be one of the biggest technologies until few years back. Even, Samsung had dropped interest in 3D technology in 2016 itself. And, then in 2017 big brands like LG and Sony have stopped support of 3D technology in their TVs. At CES 2017, one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics trade show, companies like TCL and Sharp didn’t announce any 3D TVs.


2. GTalk

GTalk is dead

GTalk or GChat, the once famous Google social platform, officially saw its end in 2017. Also, it debuted in 2015. Google Hangouts has now replaced GTalk now.


3. Windows Phone

Windows Phone are dead

Some of us loved Windows, right? But Windows Phone is officially dead this year now. Microsoft senior executive Joe Belfiore, in a series of tweets, has admitted that it will no longer develop any new features or hardware for Windows Mobile. But don’t worry, existing customers will get support in terms of security updates or bug issues etc.


4. Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft Kinect

The motion sensing accessory for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Gaming Consoles, Kinect was pulled off by the biggest giant Microsoft. Launched in 2010, it became the fastest-selling consumer device of the year in 2011. Hence, it entered the Guinness World Records at that time.