This List Of Mobile Phone Collections From The Past Will Take You Back In Time



6. Nokia 9210 Communicator

A true symbol of Nokia’s engineering prowess

This is a true example of Nokia’s engineering capability, the 9210 Communicator was a first business-class smartphone which opened up like a laptop and revealed a mini-keyboard. It was made in 2000 with a color screen.


7. Moto RAZR V3

Launched by Motorola in 2003, the Moto RAZR V3

Launched by company Motorola in the year 2003, the Moto RAZR V3 was unique like a razor-thin clamshell phone with a very sleek design. It was made of an aluminum body with an external glass screen.


8. Ericsson T28

the Ericsson T28 was the slimmest mobile phone

Released in the year 1999, the Ericsson T28 phone was the slimmest mobile phone during its time, weighing just 83 grams. This phone was dual GSM compatible with a phonebook for storing up to 250 contacts. It also had classic games like Tetris and Solitaire.


9. Blackberry Pearl 8100

SureType keyboard, the smartphone came with a trackball

With a SureType keyboard, this smartphone came with a trackball for a precise navigation. Being the first Blackberry handset with a 1.3MP camera, and a color screen, this 8100 phone had the company’s best security features.