This List Of Mobile Phone Collections From The Past Will Take You Back In Time


11. Nokia N95

Launched in 2007, the N95 represented the best of Nokia

It was developed in 2007. The N95 phone represented the best of Nokia after its launch. The phone was powered by a Symbian S60 with a unique two-way sliding mechanism. This could be used either for the numeric keypad or like media playback buttons.


12. Sony Ericsson K750

The K750, launched in 2005, was a candybar-style phone

This K750 was launched in the year 2005. It was a candy bar-style phone which used the company’s famous ‘joystick’ for the navigation. The volume control keys on its side could be used for zooming in/out while in the camera mode.


13. Apple iPhone

Launched by none other than the late Steve Jobs in 2007

Found by late Steve Jobs in the year 2007, the Apple iPhone featured in a new era as the realm of mobile phones. The full touch device engaged the world with its amazing features like an on-screen keyboard, quad-band GSM support and also a gamut of sensors like accelerometer, proximity sensor along with an ambient light sensor.


14. HTC Dream

HTC Dream had a horizontal slide-out

HTC might be having a tough time now, but it holds the place of being the manufacturer which launched the first commercially available smartphone which could run Android. HTC Dream came with a horizontal slide-out touchscreen which hid a full keyboard below it.


15. Samsung Galaxy Note

First ever samsung galaxy note

With a huge 5.3-inch touchscreen and a stylus, this Galaxy Note is considered for popularizing the term ‘phablet’. With the Note designs, Samsung has played a risky hand for a large-screen smartphone.