Did You Watch PM Modi’s Speech On 2000rs Note? If Not, It’s Time To Grab Your 2000rs Note

PM Modi’s SpeechPM Modi’s Speech


Due to demonetization, many memes have been circulated over social media expressing the concerns of the general public in a humorous way.





It is also known that, people in Raipur and Kerala are booking their places using their footwear, or their passbooks, instead of standing hours together in front of ATMs and banks to withdraw cash.




However, keeping this aside, scanning for PM Modiji’s speech on 2000rs note has become crazy beyond selfies.

After seeing 2000rs note, there has been many stories that they are not worthy of spending but just for clicking selfies. It’s been denied by shopkeepers saying either spend it whole or let it be as a credit. So, to make it interesting a Bengaluru firm, Barra Skull Studios had a better idea – scan it and let people hear how PM Modi played his trump card and abolished old notes.

Not believable?

Check out 2000rs note with ‘ModiKeyNote’ app. Download the app, turn on your mobile camera and check Modiji delivering speech on black money.




Did you check it?

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