Goldberg Destroyed The Beast Brock Lesnar At Survivor Series



What we witnessed at Survivor Series is the most OMG moment of WWE as the returning iconic Goldberg crushed The Beast Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes.


Two Spears, One JackHammer

Brock LesnarRef:

The match started with Brock trying to grab Goldberg to the corner but Goldberg pushed him so hard that Brock falls down to the center of the ring. Brock trying to get up but Goldberg speared him. People have not taken a breathe also and again the iconic speared him. Entire arena was on their feet when Goldberg gave the devastating Jack Hammer to the beast. Refree counts one, two, three and its over. Goldberg defeated Lesnar in less than 2 minutes. Goldberg became the second person after John Cena who defeated Brock Lesnar twice.







Goldberg returned after 12 years. Last time Goldberg wrestled was against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX with Stone Cold Steve Austin as a special refree where Goldberg defeated him cleanly and today also the same story. Goldberg is the one, defeated the one (Brock Lesnar), who made the one (Undertaker) 21-1 at Wrestlemania. Goldberg made a return to WWE last month and accepted Brock Lesnar challenge. You can read that story here. 





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