Are You The One Who Loves To Use ‘Made In India’ Products? Here Is India’s Handmade 1000cc Bike RIDD

India’s handmade 1000cc bike RIDDIndia’s handmade 1000cc bike RIDD


Every youngster dreams of a bike and if they are in student age then that crave to get a bike is unexplainable.

But this guy Riddhish S Vyas made a bike and named it as Ridd.

His desire of making bike didn’t stop him from achieving it. Mr. Riddhish  Vyas is from Rajkot, Gujarat who has designed “RIDD THE BIKE” which is the India's first hand made chopper bike made in Gujarat.

Yes he made a 2.74 m long 1,000 cc motor bike manually!!


Technical Features




This handmade bike has stunning features

  • 4-stroke 4-cylinder petrol engine
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Hydraulic clutch and 8 Feet 9 inches is in Length
  • Inverted front and
  • Rear disc brakes
  • Weight of the Bike is appr. 450 Kgs
  • Tubeless tyre (rear)
  • Halogen lights and many other

Aren’t you looking to know its speed? yes, it can reach to the speed of 170 Kmph.

Riddhish took up this project in 2007 and completed it by March 7, 2015 where he used simple machinery only.


What Make This Bike Special?


Its unique feature is that its rear wheel works with pro arm and shaft drive.

Have a look!!




Now, are you planning to buy this India's handmade product?

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