Bike Ambulance Made By Engineering Students From India, Within A Budget Of 14 Thousand

Engineering Students Made Bike Ambulancevia

When it is about creativity, we Indians are second to none. Moreover, thanks to social media as it has brought a lot of creative ideas to the limelight. Recently, four engineering students made a Bike ambulance which is equipped with all the basic requirements. The students told that this should be really helpful for the people living in remote areas that lack resources or these services. The best part about it is that the students spent only 14000 in it. Moreover, it is as useful as a normal ambulance is.


These Students Made A Bike Ambulance

Engineering Students Made Bike Ambulance

Pappu Tohar, Ved Prakash, Prem Kishor Tomar, and Sonu Kumar are the final year students in the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Engineering college of Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. Just like any other engineering students they also had to submit their projects. However, they came up with a quirky idea and made a Bike ambulance which is easily accessible. Furthermore, they have attached the basic things which are required in an ambulance. All in all, the ambulance can be attached to any bike as it requires the user to attach only three clamps.


This Can Be Really Helpful

Engineering Students Made Bike Ambulance

This ambulance can be really helpful in the remote areas where the patients have to wait for the ambulance. We all know some of the patients have critical conditions and if the ambulance takes a bit longer the things get serious. Undoubtedly, taken by ambulance to reach the patient is also playing a pivotal role in the process. There are some places which are several kilometers away from the city and also the damaged roads cause problem to the bigger ambulance to reach out for the patient.


It is really great to see, how the youth is looking into the problems of the society and also trying to form a better world by erasing those problems. We salute these four students for their creativity and the benevolence of society.

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