6 Places In India Where Dussehra Celebration Is Incredible



Dussehra is one festival before Diwali when we feel most enthusiastic! As this is the celebration of the victory of good over evilness. Hence, the festival brings hopes in us that the good wins in the end. 

This is the day when Lord Ram wins over Ravana and kills him for the abduction of his wife Sita ji. So, the festival brings the sense of victory on us. The festival also has one other name called Vijaydashmi. There are cities in India where Dussera seems to bring so much extra joy that you will experience the best Dussera celebration which you don’t want to miss. 


1. Kolkata


The hustle bustle of this conventional city doubles up during Durga Pooja and after then Dussera! Kolkata Dussera is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Those 4 days of Dussehra celebration are an epitome of Kolkata’s rich culture and music just lingers so lavishly in the air. 


2. Mysore


Among the most sought after festivals of Karnataka, Dussehra is one of them. Not one. two or four, but the festival is celebrated for whooping 10 days there. The festival is brought into Mysore Palace. And on the last day, the festival is celebrated with a grand celebration. With all colorful and lightings, Mysore Palace appears none less than magic!


3. Delhi


Now, the capital of India celebrates this festival with great excitement. The fun is non-stop for whole nine days. Dancing and fanfare is something you can hover on for this 10 day celebration. 


4. Kullu


One of the biggest tourist places of the country nowhere lacks in Dusshera celebration. There also, the festival lasts for good seven days. 


5. Kota


The city is decorated in most stunning way possible. Kota Dussehra is one festive attraction of the state. 


6. Jabalpur


Every individual who stayed in Jabalpur or in the state will surely have lots of words to speak about Jabalpur Dussehra. History of Dussehra in Jabalpur is more than thousand years. There are more than 1500 statues of Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali placed at the time of Dussehra. Dussehra of Jabalpur is very famous not only in state but also in entire India. One has to visit Jabalpur to watch Dussehra. 

In this festival of goodness, we can hardly resist the stunning charm of surroundings around us. These hue full festivals are one reason we can never be a complete non-Indian from hearts, no matter in which corner of the world we are wandering. 

Happy Dussehra To All Of You From Entertales 🙂




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