How Are You Feeling Today? An Important “Emotional Intelligence” Question



We can’t deny the fact that there is always a reason behind our immediate reactions. To control our finicky behaviours, we need to introduce ourselves with the term, “emotional intelligence.”

Mental health is an unavoidable hygiene which has to be maintained. Sadly, our school and colleges do not teach about identifying our brain features and how can we choose our reactions.

Developing an emotional intelligence can help us a great deal in this. It is like nurturing our minds.  Also, our thoughts play a crucial role in the formation of our feelings.

So, if you are not feeling up, try finding out which thought made you feel that way.

emotional intelligence

Which thought made you behave so anger driven.

So, our thoughts are the core reason of our decisions and behaviours. Just by identifying that what category of thoughts stimulates which type of feeling in you, you can easily choose to react in a certain way.

Generally, there are 7 emotions which we usually come across and whenever you feel weird or not calm, just identify “What are you feeling right now!”

7 emotions

1.  Happy (arises from Impending or imminent gain).

2.  Surprised (arises from expected event).

3.  Anger (arises out of urgent want for justice and action)

4.  Disgusted (arises out of toxic contact)

5.  Contempt (caused by substandard behaviour or being)

6.  Afraid (arises out of danger lurks)

7.  Sadness (caused by Impending loss)


Role of emotions

Emotions are the cause of our chosen decisions and ultimately help us in meeting our goals. Emotions play a key role in making us appear calm and graceful or a fireball.

Also, they are the reasons we can understand our fellow beings better.

This is how you can manage your emotions and feelings:

1.Identify your emotions

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Manage your feelings by identifying them. If you are aware that how you are feeling, you will be able to control the behavior caused by it.  

2.Track your emotions

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Understand what brings you anger, joy, sadness or fear. Tracking means finding the root of your emotions.

3. Ask yourself "Why"

emotional intelligence


Spy on yourself that why you reacted in that way. Why are you feeling this way? Discuss it with the yourself that what is so wrong or happening to you right now?

4. Take back control

emotional intelligenceRef

The trail of our behaviours goes like:

Good/bad Thoughts >> good/bad Feelings>> good/bad reaction

Looking for other possible ways to look at the situation may make you feel much better and even transform your negative feeling towards it.

Don't let every situation overpower you. 

5. Respond instead of reacting

emotional intelligenceRef

Choose your way of responding to the situation and don't react immediately in an involuntary reaction. Remember your responses should always be chosen by your conscience and should not be an outcome of your impulsive reactions. 


Fortunately, gradually, people are getting inclined towards this disdained area of human health. Understanding your mind and your immediate reactions to any situation will help you find your true score on your mind health parameter. 

So, whenever you get some time to pamper yourself, apart from keeping your body and skin healthy, do not forget to ask you, "How am I feeling today"?



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