You Are Not Allowed To Visit These 7 Places On Earth!




In this world full of wonders, there exist many such places which you would never be able to see as a common citizen. You can only hear about them or see them in pictures. These places are totally unfathomable by normal people. Let us have a look at some of these places, and know what is that we are not allowed to visit!


The Situation Room


You might have seen this room in TV or News, but the truth is that only the President and his advisors are allowed to enter this room to make some critical decisions.


Vatican Archives, Italy


The owner of this huge library is the Pope, and no one can enter here without his permission. It is said that the pieces of evidence related to the extra-terrestrial life are present in this 84 km long shelved room.


Club 33, Unites states


This was among the first building to be constructed in the Disneyland. It was originally a restaurant but is soon became a secret club where Walt Disney himself bought many foreigners and guests to entertain them. A secret panel in the doorway is used to grant entry to the people who have access to it.


Svalbard Global Seed Vault 


Imagine a situation where the world is suffering from a severe famine. At that time,this seed vault will act as a savior. It contains thousands of seeds of all the existing plants in the world.


Room 39, Korea


Room 39 in North Korea is said to be the place where all evil crimes are committed. Drug dealing, financial frauds, and all such things are a daily view of here. It is quite obvious why this place is on the list.


Dulce Base, United States


An American businessman named Paul Bennewitz claimed that he was capturing signals from aliens. Since then, this place is used to carry out experiments on humans and animals. A man who tries to enter here was later found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck.


Bohemian Grove


This 150-year old place in California was known as the secret meeting place for the most powerful men in the world. Women were not allowed to enter this place. The Manhattan Project that led to the development of an Atomic Bomb was a result of these meetings.

The world is full of amazing places! You just need to discover more!

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