These 5 Billionaire Daughters Decided To Build Their Own Identity And Became Successful

Billionaire Daughters



When we think about daughters of big business tycoons, all we assume is a glamorous figure who is happily living on her father’s money. But here are five such daughters who have created their own identity in the business world. They thought something out of the box and have developed their own worth which is quite unexpected.


Isha Ambani

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Alike her father Mukesh Ambani, Isha Ambani is equally talented to take the business of Jio to new heights. She is the CEO of Jio and Reliance Retails.


Jayanti Chauhan


The only daughter of Ramesh Chauhan, Founder of Bisleri is currently directing the company founded by her grandfather Jayantilal Chauhan. She has set her foot right in the business world at an early age.


Ananya Birla


Daughter of the renowned businessman Kumar Mangalam Birla, Ananya is the owner of a micro financial organization called as ‘Svatantra’. At the little age of 20, she is successfully providing funds to rural women and leading towards women empowerment.


Yashasvini Jindal


She is the daughter of famous entrepreneur Navin Jindal and Kuchipudi dancer, Shalu Jindal. Still, in her teenage, she has won International awards for Kuchipudi dance. Like her mother, she is an excellent Kuchipudi dancer. She has also been awarded as the Most Stylish Youth Icon by Hindustan Times in 2015.


Radha Kapoor


Radha is the daughter of Yes Bank Founder Rana Kapoor. Inspired by her father, she tried her hand in entrepreneurship and is currently the CEO of DOIT creations.

So, that’s a great dose of inspiration to all the daughters out there. Build your own identity and let the world believe in women power!

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