10 Panorama Photo Fails That Show The Creativity In A Stupid Way




Panorama is a superb technique to beautify any photo. The landscape view and some extra stretches make the pleasantness of the picture beyond limits. However, if there is success, then there is failure too. So today we have brought you 10 panoramic photo fails that are flashing the creativity in a stupid way. Warning! Do not give the camera to someone who is a dabbler.


1. A Creepy Fellow


Here, the creativity of an amateur photographer turned the image into a stuff of horror movies.


2. Come To Me Human


This is what happens when you give the camera to a fiction writer.


3. At Least Some One Is Safe From This Work Of Art


We can’t say anything about it. However, we would like to congratulate the crouching dude that survived in this photo disaster.


4. Mr. Fantastic


Now Stan Lee would be like “I knew super hero exists”.


5. Wrong Turn Panorama


Maybe, this is how they shot the wrong turn movie series. But still cannot find those hillbillies.


6. Don’t Do Panorama After Drinking


Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you a man and a man.


7. The End Is Near


Things can get extreme if you are not experienced. LOL….


8. Perfect Way To Breakup


When she asked you to click a photo and you know what you are doing. Definitely, you are going to break up after this.


9. Found New Org


Someone please call the power rangers Ninja storm to take out this thing.


10. The Real Big Cat


When you are a huge fan of big cats and you desire your domestic cat to be a big cat.

Undoubtedly, the amateurs give us photo fails whenever they grab the camera. Moreover, they always display their work of art like this. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts or other Panorama photo fails in the comment sections.


Ravi Dabas
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