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Samir Singh The Faith Runner Completed 10,000 Kilometers In 100 Days To Set An Inspirational Example

Samir Singh



Human body is considered to be limited for efforts. And, going beyond the limits can cause a serious harm to human body. However, Samir Singh of Madsaur Madhya Pradesh proved this scientific fact wrong. The man ran 10000 kilometer to show that human body has no limits. Apart from it, Samir also proved that you can do anything if you have the dedication and motivation to do that thing.


An Inspirational Example

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We hear many real life events from the past that inspire us, whether it is Milkha Singh or Manjhi The Mountain Man, the dedicated people set an inspirational example for the successive generations. This time similar kind of example was set by Samir Singh. Samir ran for 10000 kilometers to set it. Known as “The Faith Runner” Samir ran 100 kilometers for continuous 100 days.


A Bad Start But Covered Up

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The starting was a bit off for the faith runner as he got injured after first 50 kilometers on the first day. But he refused to back down and kept on moving forward to gradually complete the distance.


"God Showed Me The Way"

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About his accomplishment, Samir said “Many times people told me that there are some limitations of the body. My students also advised me not to use excess body. But according to the scriptures, there is no limit to your body. If you have the ability to realize your dreams, then your body will be molded accordingly.”

'God showed me the way and I went on that path. Yes, during this time you need to have some patience.'


Optimism Is Inside You But Pessimism Is Outside

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No doubt, the faith runner had to face all the pessimistic thoughts of others but he kept the optimistic flame alive inside his heart and mind and achieve success in grabbing his goal. The faith runner is a source of inspiration for all of us.

Pessimism is always around you but the optimism is inside you so you have to keep it alive and just move forward. What do you have to say about this success? Share your thoughts in comment sections.


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