Phoolmati Lamoria, A Model Who Can’t Hear Or Speak But An Inspiration For Many

Many People Whine About The Struggle But She Ran Through That Without Saying A Word

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In this patriarchal society, girls are considered inferior compared to boys. Moreover, they have to fight for their equality. However, there are many girls who have proved that they are inferior to none. They have set an example of hard work and dedication that is inspirational for not only the girls but for everyone. On this special occasion of national girl-child day, we have brought you the story of Phoolmati Lamoria.


Story Of Phoolmati Lamoria

Phoolmati Lamoria

The 28-year-old girl from Indore, Phoolmati is congenital deaf and she cannot speak. These conditions were not in her favor but Phoolmati refused to bind to them. She worked in the “Being Human” store and she earned money to pay for her education.


Her Friends And Parents Supported Her

Phoolmati Lamoria

She had the desire to be a model but her deafness gave rise to negativity in her mind. The negativity did not last long as her friends encouraged her. Moreover, her parents supported her. She participated in Deaf India pageant and ended up a winning the pageant. After that, she represented India in Mr. and Ms. World competition which was held in Prague (Europe).


Hearing Deficiency Could Not Stop Her

Phoolmati Lamoria

The hearing deficiency could not hinder Phoolmat Lamoria from studying. She has completed B.ED and she wants to teach others who have the same problems that she has. She has accepted her identity and she wants the society to accept it. She said that she is not inferior to anyone.


She Doesn’t Want Pity From Anyone

Phoolmati Lamoria

One thing that she does not like is the pity that the people show towards her. Phoolmati is still working with Being Human and she is pursuing her modeling interest along with it.

We have seen many people whining about their struggle that they face in the society but Phoolmati Lamoria ran through the struggle without uttering a word and ended up being an inspiration for thousands of people. She has earned our utmost respect. What do you say?  Share your thoughts about her in the comments.

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