Mysterious Ghost Ships And Haunted Marine Stories Which Will Shock You

Mysterious Ghost Ships and Their Originsvia

Most mysterious Ghost ships ever. These ships were either found floating years later or were never found only killing thousands of people.These stories will haunt you! Stories of haunted places or haunted things are common but did you think how deadly and horrific it would be if you’re haunted on a ship? You got no where to run, the sea is vast and wherever you see there will be water. You can’t call for help and even if you do, it will take time to arrive. Just the thought of this gives chills down my spine!


1. The SS Valencia

The SS Valencia Ghost Ship

The SS Valencia was initially built as a minor ocean liner in 1882 by William Cramp and Sons but in 1897, she was attacked by a Spanish Cruiser in Cuba. A year later, she was fully operational again, but this time as a passenger liner. In 1906, the ship endured terrible weather and subsequently drifted out to sea, sailing into a reef. The ship took on too much water and eventually sank, taking as many as 143 lives with it. A few months later, the tragedy takes a turn for the supernatural when a fisherman spotted a life raft from the SS Valencia filled with the remains of 8 people.


2. The Ourang Medan

The Ourang Medan Ghost Ships

The story of the Ourang Medan is a very intriguing one. There is not much history about this ship regarding when it had been built, for what purpose or anything of that nature and some even debate the fact that the ship even existed but that does not make the story any less scary. In 1947, two American ships received a distress call while sailing off the coast of Malaysia. When contact was made, the caller claimed to have been a crew member of the Ourang Medan.


3. The Octavius

The Octavius Ghost Ship

The story opens in 1761 with the Octavius docked in the port of London to take on a cargo destined for China. This majestic sailing ship left port with a full crew, the skipper, and his wife and son. They arrived safely in China and unloaded their cargo. They headed back to sea once she was loaded with goods destined for British shores, but as the weather was unusually warm, the captain decided to sail home via the Northwest Passage, a voyage that at the time had not been accomplished. This was the last that anyone heard of the vessel, her crew, or her cargo. Octavius was declared lost.


4. The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste Ghost Ship

The Mary Celeste is by far one of the most widely known ghost ships of all time and it is not hard to see why. The Mary Celeste was a Canadian-built brigantine. In 1872, crew members from the Dei Gracia spotted a ship drifting on the rough seas.


5. The Lady Lovibond

The Lady Lovibond Ghost Ship

In the mid-1700s superstitions were quickly spread and easily believed. One such superstition referred to sailing ships. It was believed that it was bad luck for a woman to be on a ship as it sailed. There is a tale that some beliefs support this credence.

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