Urban Disney Legends Which You Didn’t Know About But Are Actually True

Disney Princesses Animated and Costumes worn by employeesvia

Explore Disneyland and know it’s exciting facts! Disneyland brings you amazing places and attractions to enjoy the best moment spent at it. These places will surely make you fly to Disneyland right now! Make your dream come true! Check these Disney Urban Legends which are actually true.


1. Day Care Mural Case

Day care Mural Case Disney

The owner of these daycare centers had had some murals painted which featured Disney characters. And Mickey’s attorneys argued that this was trademark infringement. Which is why they wanted the company’s characters removed from the walls of these daycare centers.


2. Employee Costumes

Employee Costumes Disneyland

What makes Disneyland the “happiest place on Earth” is their cast members who wear Disney character costumes to entertain the guests.


3. Disney Jail

Disney Jail Disneyland

“Disney jail” appears to be not quite an actual jail, but a room run by Disney security where they take you as they figure out what to do with you. Shoplifting appears to be one of the main reasons for guests claiming to have been sent to the Disney prison.


4. Feral Cats

Feral Cats Disneyland

The cats-former pets, strays, and other assorted felines roaming Southern California-have been in Disneyland basically since the amusement park opened in 1955. They might have come originally to feast on bits of food left by visitors, but they probably stayed because there remain a limitless number of places to hide and hunt rats.


5. Club 33

Club 33 Disney Land

Club 33 is a set of private clubs located in three of the Disney Parks. The original is in the heart of the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland. Originally maintained as a secret feature of Disneyland, the existence of the club is now well known, with similar locations in Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland, and new locations coming to Walt Disney World’s four parks. Membership of the clubs is not transferable between resorts.

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