Hidden Secrets Behind The Lives Of North Korean Women Revealed!

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Women all over the world are getting independent. However, sadly, North Korean women are not even allowed to live a proper life. They are abandoned by everything which will make them aware of the world outside. They are kept as slaves, away from news and media, so that they don’t learn any form of independence.


1. Marriage Is Often A Trade


Most North Korean women are rewarded as brides to men who have effectively ‘served’ the Supreme Leader and are considered worthy of a prize. An example of this dread is Lee- Geum – Suk, who had just graduated school when she was forced to marry a former nuclear technician who was not just mentally unstable but he was also violent towards his wife. Many North Korean women have similarly confessed to being forced into these unions, without their consent or choice.

2. Joining The Military Is Not A Choice

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Women often are sexually abused by male officers and sometimes even murdered after being raped. These executions are carried out in secret, and usually female soldiers are offered as prizes for the pleasure of North Korean Army Officers who are serving their fatherland. Other than being assaulted and used as articles of trade, these female soldiers are not even taught how to use weaponry or engage in battle, their only occupation being, marching beside the Supreme Leader as he makes his public appearances.


3. Crocodile Tears

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Most women are expected to weep when their Supreme leader is unwell or passes away. Failing to do so carries a heavy punishment. It is true, however, that there are documented cases of women expressing their sorrow due to fear and mistrust of the authorities, but looking at their lives, these women probably cry because of how miserable they are. Fear of being labeled a traitor – bona fide misery is what, in truth, sends women into this melodramatic phase of mourning.


4. Most Women Don’t Even Know Themselves

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Women, often do not regard themselves as ‘individuals’ as we do and they’re caught up in this wheel, being trapped within the confines of patriotism without even pondering about their likes and dislikes. For decades, it has been this way, so most women don’t even know who they are and what they want.


5. Lost And Forgotten

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Isolated from the world, and in the grasp of their Supreme Leader. Most women in North Korea have been so isolated from the rest of the world that they are, in truth, slaves of their government. A North Korean escapee, Yeonmi Park, describes her story, as she made her way to South Korea after her exodus, from her birth-nation.

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