Mysterious Ghost Ships And Haunted Marine Stories Which Will Shock You

Mysterious Ghost Ships and Their Originsvia

6. The Joyita

The Joyita Ghost Ships

It was built in Los Angeles, US, in 1931 as a luxury yacht for movie director Roland West. Naming it Joyita, meaning “little jewel” in Spanish, for his actress wife Jewel Carmenille, the 69-feet long wooden ship changed hands in 1936. It was said to have been acquired by the US Navy in October 1941, taken to Pearl Harbour and outfitted as a patrol boat. Miller used the ship as a trading and fishing charter boat until the mysterious incident surrounding it three years later.

7. The Flying Dutchman

Ghost Ship The Flying Dutchman

The name “The Flying Dutchman” is not the name of the ship but rather the captain of the ship. Legend has it that the captain tried navigating his way around the Cape of Good hope while enduring rough seas and gale force winds that battered the sailing ship. The crew members had begged and pleaded for him to change course but the captain was very strong willed and drunk with ambition that he kept sailing and often sang strange and obscene songs while steering his ship into doom. Sailors and passengers even tried taking control of the ship, but the captain attacked and killed the leader of the rebellion and threw his lifeless body overboard.


8. The Carroll A. Deering

The Carroll A. Deering Ghost Ship

The best mysteries are those that may never be solved. When the Carroll A. Deering was discovered in 1921, its crew vanished and its hull run aground on the treacherous rocks of Diamond Shoals, speculation ran wild. That speculation continues to this day, and no satisfactory explanation for the crew’s disappearance has ever been proven.


9. The Caleuche

The Caleuche Ghost Ship

The Caleuche is a ghost ship which is said to appear off the coast of Chile specifically at night. The story of this ghost ship has become part of the Chile culture. The ship is described as the most beautiful ship they had ever seen, with brilliant white sails and lots of light.


10. The Baychimo

The Baychimo Ghost Ship

Built in 1914 in Sweden, the SS Baychimo was used for trading routes between Hamburg and Sweden. After WWI, the ship’s ownership was transferred to the Hudson’s Bay Company. The ship made numerous sailings for Hudson’s, mostly carrying cargo to and from the Arctic region.

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