Coffin House In Hong Kong, The House Is Smaller Than The Size Of Coffins

More Than 200,000 People Are Living In Coffin House

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Everyone desires about a big house that got sufficient space according to their requirements. Most of us know how it feels to live in a small house. You cannot move without stepping foot over any object. We all can imagine what will happen if we live in a house which is the size of a coffin. More than 200,000 people in Hong Kong are living in the coffin house.


The Coffin House

Coffin House

As the name suggests the size of the coffin house is immensely small and in many cases, the dimension of the house is smaller than that of the coffin. It is a one-room house with no separate toilet. The kitchen and toilets are together and the extremely small place can give hard times to people who are trying to sleep there.


These Houses Are Just Like The Prison

Coffin House

The coffin houses are made inside the big buildings. These buildings look gigantic from the outside. However, each of the buildings got thousands of coffin houses. Many coffin houses are just like the cages. It is hard to tell if they are houses of the prison cages that are designed for maximum torture.


People Struggle In These Houses

Coffin House

Our home is the place that relieves us after the struggling through the entire day. But judging from the size of a coffin house, it doesn’t seem comfortable for the people living in it. Another problem with these houses is that, because of the lack of space, it is packed to the gills which make is quite difficult to clean.


The Rent Is Too High For These Houses

Coffin House

Although the houses are small, the rent is too high. Unfortunately, despite paying a huge amount as rent, the people don’t get the comfort they desire.

The world is full of struggles and the people living in the coffin houses have accepted the struggle as a part of their life. They are finding all the possible ways to be happy. They are inspirations as no matter how much problems they face they still seek and distribute cheerfulness. What do you say about these people and these houses? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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