Shocking Inventions Which Indians Gave To The World That Still Exists

Various Things which the Indians Gifted to the worldvia

India is a quite diverse country. We Indians are spread all over the world and are well versed in almost every field. Nowadays, Indians are involved in almost all major events across the world, but to be honest, we Indians were teaching and educating the world since the very beginning and without even realizing we have given lots of new knowledge to the world. Check out these Shocking Inventions and Innovations which the Indians Gifted to the whole world.


1. Zero

Zero Indians Gifted

Zero was invented independently by the Indians (although some researchers say the Indian number system was influenced by the Babylonians). The Babylonians got their number system from the Sumerians, the first people in the world to develop a counting system.


2. Chess

Chess Indian Gifted

The precursors of chess originated in India during the Gupta Empire, where its early form in the 6th century was known as chaturaṅga, which translates as “four divisions (of the military)”: Infantry, Cavalry, Elephantry, and Chariot, represented by the pieces that would evolve into the modern Pawn, Knight, Bishop, and Rook, respectively.


3. Intel Pentium

Pentium Processor

Though produced by the USA’s Intel Corporation, the 1993 Pentium was basically the outcome of a research conducted by an Indian engineer. Popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip, the inventor of the computer chip is Vinod Dham.


4. Trigonometry

Trigonometry Gifted Indians

The most significant development of trigonometry in the ancient times was in India. Influential works from the 4th & the 5th century AD, known as Siddhantas first defined the sine as the relationship between half an angle & half a chord, while also defining the cosine, versine (cosine) & inverse sine.


5. Cashmere Woolen

cashmere wool indiansgifted to the world

Sheep’s wool cloth was used extensively until the Eighties, when designer Shirin Guild began using cashmere in cloth as well as knits to make dresses and suits, promoting cashmere as a luxurious fabric. The Indians gifted this wonderful wool for the world to wear and enjoy.

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