Gurugram Rape Case, Four Men Raped A 22-Year-Old Woman In Front Of Her Husband

They Held The Husband And Brother-In-Law On The Gunpoint

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Day after day the rape cases are increasing at a considerable rate. The law completely failed to hinder the rapes in India.  A few days ago an intellectually disabled girl was gang-raped you can check the full news here. Another rape case was filed. This time a 22-year-old girl was raped by four men in front of her husband and her brother in law.


Many Rape Cases In Gurugram In Recent Years

Rape Case

Gurugram, the city is technically sound and it is known for its ultramodern traits. However, in the recent years, the city got ill fame as many rape cases were reported in the city. The shameful incident occurred on Saturday night in sector 56 of Gurugram.


Gurugram Rape Case

Rape Case

The victim told that they were returning from a family function. They stopped the car as her husband had to pee and but a group of four drunk men surrounded him. Before they stop the lady inside the car and held the husband and brother-in-law at the gunpoint. The three of the four accused help the males while the fourth one raped the lady. While fleeing, the accused threatened the victim, her husband and her brother-in-law not to the complaint in police. They followed it with some gunshots in the air.


The Accused Were Arrested

Rape Case

Manish Sehgal, ACP and chief PRO of Gurugram police said, “The accused were arrested from their residences in Johalka village near Sohna in Gurgaon and a case under relevant sections of the IPC has been registered against them,”

These kinds of crimes are increasing day after day. No matter how stiff the law is, or hard we protest against it. We are still unable to control it. Our country may have reached to mars and no doubt we are advancing in the field of technology but these kinds of cases prove that socially we are degrading. What is your take on this shameful act? Share in the comments and suggest some ways to deal with this.

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