5 Phone Numbers You Should Never Dial, They Will Leave You Disturbed

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Mobile phones are extremely useful in our daily life. Moreover, we cannot imagine any day without our phones by our side. They allow us to send any information or to converse with a distant fellow. However, there are some restricted phone numbers that can cause threat to your life. Hence, we should never dial them. So, today we will aware you about 5 phone numbers which give disturbing output if dialed.


1. 09044444444

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According to Japanese people this one is super scary. They correlate this number to the demonic figures. There are rumors that if you dial this number, you will hear some weird and creepy sounds that are disturbing for sure. Pursuing this further, you will die within a week after hearing that cacophony. There is no firm proof of it but there are some accidents that are expected as the aftermath of dialing this number.


2. 12074042604

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Judging by the looks, this number seems no different than other phone numbers. However, the affect can be weird if you dial this number. The number was appeared on screen after a horror movie Carrie (2013) and it was captioned as “Call Carrie”.


3. Red Numbers

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In 2004, the Red numbers got notorious in Nigeria. The entire country was warned not to receive or to make any call to these phone numbers. It was informed that you might receive phone calls from Red Colored numbers, if you accept that call, you would hear a high frequency sound that would blast your phone and cause hearing problems. And, brain damage in the worst cases.


4. 20202020

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Back in 70s in the United Kingdom, there were phone booths. Moreover, the people need to pay for any call they make. However, there were many numbers that could be dialed for free, when the call is received, they heard a voice of a woman screaming “Help! Help!, Susie’s Dying or Susie’s Drowning” which was creepy eventually.


5. 10 Million

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There were rumors running around about this number. Furthermore, It was said that if you dial this number you will hear the voice of a male. That asks you to share this number with 15 friends and if you do not share then it will bring you a misfortune.  It looks like what’s app messages that tell you to share their number in order to get promoted. However, it cannot kill you but it will keep you disturbed for a period of time.

What do you think about these numbers? Don’t dare to dial, just share your thoughts. There are few numbers which are fraud, you can check the report here.

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