Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale Script And Summary Leaked On Reddit



The fans are always craving for the new episodes of “Game Of Thrones”. To conclude, the series is one of the biggest victims of piracy and divulgence. This time the summary and outline of the final episode of season 7 has been leaked on “Reddit”.


A Major Problem For The Makers


“Mr. Smith Group” is the name of the group of hackers that claimed to leak the script of the final episode of the eminent TV series. The final episode of season 7 “The Dragon and The Wolf” is arguably the most anticipated episodes in the TV history. Hence, if it is leaked, it means the makers have to suffer a major loss. Moreover, the hackers gave huge problems to the Makers as the leaked story can wipe out all the suspense and interest of the fans.


Source Of The Script


“TeamKhaleesi” is the username from which the episode summary has been leaked. Talking about the disclosed summary, the user told that he got the source from the original hackers. Pursuing this further, he said he just asked and got the complete overview of the episode via email. Here are the words of the Reddit user “TeamKhaleesi”.

“I remember when the winerleak site was up.The hacker put up his email on the website, so I emailed him back then he sent m a complete overview of Episode 7.”


They Also Sent It To British Online Newspaper


Apart From it, the hackers sent a copy of the leaked script along with a brief summary to the British online newspaper “The Independent”. However, the British Online newspaper refused to publish it.


Maybe A Publicity Stunt


This is something that the makers have to deal with almost every time. However, there are many cases where they spread the rumors like this, just to get additional publicity. So, it is hard to tell if it is fake or real. The only way to find out is to wait for the season finale.

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