10 Unknown Facts About Game Of Thrones That You Do Not Know




Game Of Thrones is arguably the most popular television drama and fantasy show. The fans are always craving for the new episodes. You may know almost everything about your favorite show. However, there are many reticent facts, that you have never heard about. So, today we have brought you 10 unknown facts about Game Of Thrones.


1. Based On The Fantasy Novel Series Of RR Martin

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Not everyone know that the popular show is based on “A Song of Ice and Fire”, the fantasy book series of RR Martin


2. Golden Globe Award

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Peter Dinklage has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film (2012). Apart from it the show was nominated multiple times for Golden Globe Awards.


3. One Actor Played Four Characters

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Ian Whyte the British actor and stunt performer played four roles in the show. He played “White Walker” in the first two seasons, and played Gregor Clegane in season two along with “White Walker”. Apart from it he played the role of unnamed giant in season three. And, he also played Wun Wun in season 5.


4. Dead Characters Alive In The Books

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Maybe the show is based on the novel but there is a lot of disparity between them. This includes the death of the characters. There are many characters in the show that are alive in the book.


5. Real People Naming Their Kids After Game Of Thrones Characters

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People adulate the show deeply, as a result of that, they started to name their kids after the “GOT” characters.


6. Catch The Thrones

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The rap album is titled as “Catch The Thrones”. HBO released the album on soundcloud for free in 2014.


7. Nine Cast Members Appeard In Harry Potter

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Despite being a different story and different period, the show seems familiar with Harry Porter. You may think, it is the fantasy flavor that is similar, maybe you are right. Apart from it, nine cast members appeared in Harry Potter series and they cause a lot of similarities between the show and Harry Porter Movies.


8. Banned For Turkish Military School

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It is not surprising that the sexual content of the show is inappropriate for kids. To conclude, Turkish army banned the show in their military schools.


9. HBO And Firefox Sold Iron Throne Replicas

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Back in 2013 HBO and Firefox sold the life size replicas of the Iron Throne. The throne was 84 Inches tall and 65 inches wide. The cost of the throne was $23,487.


10. It Is The Biggest Victim Of Pirates

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Each movie, show or song has to face the piracy. But, this show is the biggest victim of piracy, as it has been the most pirated show in the world for past four years.

How many of these facts you were aware about? Tell us in the comments.



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