This Photo Of Unfaithful Man Is Breaking The Internet

unfaithful man


This unfaithful man in the photo became scapegoat in the hands of Twitteratis in the most possible funny way. Whatever the photo, be it funny, weird or unusual, pictures are the prime fodder for memes.

unfaithful man

In the photo, even though the man is holding his girlfriend’s hand, his lusty expression of looking amazed at another seductive girl grabbed much attention on Reddit and Instagram too. People just can’t stop pouring in creative captions for the weird expressions in the photo.

unfaithful man

Here is how creativity goes on..

1. Solar Eclipse

 2. The new book

 3. Dogs…yeah the perfect

 4. Fond of stinking meta joke!

 5. Outrageous!

 6. The tour announcement

 7. Even two medals not enough!

 8. Is it?

 9. Great observation

10. So true…

What’s your caption for the meme? Share us in the comments.

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