Meet This New Competition Of Deepika And Katrina In Bollywood!


You might be wondering who this new face is who has been called as the competition for popular actresses of Bollywood like Deepika and Katrina? Well, this face is none other than the heroine of ‘MOM’. While it was Sridevi’s 300th film, it was also Pakistani’s actress Sajal Ali’s debut film. She is enormously loved by Indians for her acting skills and a heart-warming smile.


The Clone Of Kareena Kapoor


This award-winning actress has also worked opposite to the famous Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. She is also a popular face of the TV industry in Pakistan. The Time of India mentioned her as the clone of Kareena Kapoor.


Her Huge Fan Following


Sajal also has a huge fan following on all social media accounts, especially on Instagram. A great bonding between Bollywood diva Sridevi and Pakistani beauty Sajal was also witnesses on social media after the release of the movie ‘MOM’.


“Sridevi Is The Sweetest Person I’ve Ever Met”


During the shooting of MOM, Sajal also shared that she never dreamt of entering into the film industry. Her role in this debut film was a rape survivor, which was indeed a very challenging one. Also, she felt really nervous working with Sridevi, who was shooting for her 300th film. But, as they spent more time together, she got attached to Sridevi and other co-stars and enjoyed working.

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So, Bollywood welcomes another diva who is definitely going to act as a competition for our present actresses.  She looks amazingly gorgeous, isn’t she? What is your opinion about her, you find her beautiful? Share your thoughts.