Rishabh Pant Cheated Of INR 1.63 Crore By A Con Cricketer Mrinank Singh

Rishabh Pant Conned By Mrinank Singhvia

The wicket-keeper batter Rishabh Pant has been conned by Haryana cricketer Mrinank Singh. He has duped for INR 1.63 crore by Mrinank Singh. Mrinank offered Rishabh Pant to get expensive watches at a reasonable rate. Not only this, but he also took luxurious items including jewelry, and did not return the belongings nor the money to Rishabh Pant.

Mrinank Singh

Mrinank is currently in Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. He was arrested by Juhu police for cheating a businessman in Mumbai. The issue came to notice when the cheque given by Mrinank Singh to Rishabh Pant has bounced a few months ago. In an interview with Sports Tak, Rishabh Pant’s lawyer Eklavya Dwivedi explained the timeline of events. He said,

“This is basically a case under the negotiable instruments act where the cheque issued by the accused Mr. Mrinank Singh has been dishonored on account of insufficient funds. To take the story back a little bit, how these two met, how it actually transpired and why this cheque was issued was sometime in 2020 or 2021. Mr. Mrinank Singh, who was known to my client Rishabh Pant through their cricketing commonalities. They met somewhere in the zonal cricket academy camp.”

“So in 2021, Mr. Mrinank Singh falsely misrepresented to my client that he has just started a new business dealing in luxury items and he could procure the same items for it at a very reasonable cost. Therefore, on this proposal, he transferred a sizeable account to Mr. Mrinank Singh and also parted with certain luxurious items, jewelry, etc which were also for, relatively high amounts, anticipating that the accused Mrinank Singh would be able to resell the same and give him huge profits for it.”

The lawyer further added,

“After a while, when he was not able to obtain those articles, we gave him a legal notice and a mutual settlement was arrived at Rs 1.63 crore for which Mr. Mrinank Singh issues us a cheque. Now, once we presented this cheque before the bank authorities, we got a return memo saying that there has been a dishonourment of the cheque and it has bounced because of insufficient funds.”

Rishabh Pant Century England

According to Dwivedi, the principal amount of INR 1.63 crore. With interest, the amount is somewhere between INR 1.8 to 1.9 crore as the cheque was bounced in February 2021 due to insufficient funds. Dwivedi concluded by saying,

“He was not present in the last listing of our case before the magistrate. So, the magistrate has issued directors to the SHO over there (police authorities) to connect him virtually at the next date of hearing, which is July 19. He will be present that day and his statement will be recorded. We have also filed an application under section 143A for interim compensation. That will also be taken up and arguments will be heard on that.”

We Indian always go for discounts and obviously there is nothing wrong with it as it is our hard-earned money. However, in Rishabh Pant’s case, he trusted the unreliable source that cause him trouble. Always trust official platforms.

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