How To Bet On Boxing And Win Money?


In ancient Greece, boxing was the main discipline at the first Olympic Games. Now, this combat sport has millions of fans. It’s a barnburner event that won’t leave anyone indifferent. If you feel that you have a knack for betting on boxing, you need to register as a bet winner at your earliest convenience. Here you can show all your betting potential, place bets on likable boxing events, and win money in a heartbeat. Don’t hesitate to register and win your pretty penny.


Types Of Boxing Bets

Most often, bookmakers offer customers only one market – the outcome of the outing. You can bet on the victory of each athlete – P1 or P2, and the option of a draw is offered rarely, although it is possible.

For more high-profile events, bookmakers provide a wide coverage:

  • winning rounds;
  • total rounds;
  • whether there will be knockdowns;
  • amount of knockdowns;
  • win by points or knockout.

Additional markets have higher odds, so bettors often resort to them to increase potential winnings.

Winning round

It is up to the player to determine which round will be the last one. It does not matter which boxer will win. High odds are given on such a bet, and bettors often take the option in an express bundle with the outcome. Players often bet on a particular athlete who will win in a particular round, but the risks of such a bet are unreasonably high.


Total Over And Total Under

Bettors are offered to determine the number of rounds in a fight using the T/O and T/U markets. In boxing, up to 12 rounds are allowed, but often the fight ends earlier. The totals come with small odds, but it is also easier to predict the number of rounds.



Bookmakers include knockdowns in the roster only in bright events from the world of boxing. This is a difficult market to predict, but at the same time profitable in terms of odds. Bettors can determine:

  • The number of knockdowns of a particular boxer in a fight;
  • Round in which knockdown will occur;
  • total knockdown totals.

It is as easy as cake to guess the overall total, as this market gives bettors the right to make a mistake.


Type Of Victory

Boxing Betting

A boxing bout does not often end with a knockout or an obvious advantage of one of the boxers. Athletes demonstrate fighting skills on a similar level, and determining the outcome of the fight requires the intervention of the judges. More often it happens with lightweights. In this case, the verdict is rendered on the points that are determined by the judges. The one who has more points wins.

Often bookmakers include in the drawing a victory on points and a handicap. The bettor bets on the boxer with a handicap of a few points. If the athlete wins with the handicap, the bet will play.


Why Is It Hard To Predict The Outcome?

Analyzing each athlete’s performance doesn’t make predicting an outcome any easier. Here are a couple of prime examples. Heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko enters the professional ring for the first time and meets current WBO champion, Herbie Hyde. Hyde is an experienced athlete, who had 50 knockouts under his belt at the time. The victory was predicted by bookmakers and professional analysts. In the second round, Herbie got a hook to the head and lost the title.

Klitschko is famous as a heavyweight knockout. The Ukrainian faced Chris Byrd. The Canadian came out for his third heavyweight fight, barely recovered from his injury. But Byrd managed to secure a technical defeat for Klitschko in the ninth round. Betting fans who bet on Byrd snapped up the jackpot.

There are thousands of such examples. Even the boxing legend Michael Tyson repeatedly surprised the public with unexpected victories early in his career and equally unexpected and ridiculous defeats at the peak of his fame. Boxing bouts are difficult to predict for the following reasons:

  • information about the athlete’s injury will never come out so the opponent doesn’t know;
  • personnel changes of the sparring partners are also kept silent. All information about the preparation for the fight is kept in the strictest confidence;
  • contracted fights are widespread in boxing, and athletes put on a show instead of fighting and making money.


The Best Boxing Betting Strategies

There are no special strategies created for boxing fights in betting. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to some mathematical combined models that can give good gains in the long run.

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a match without a proper understanding of the sports discipline. Players use the market for total, which is easy to predict. When lightweights meet in the ring, the end of the fight in the first rounds is unlikely. According to statistics, a vast array of lightweight fights end in a judging decision. It is worth betting on the big total.

As for the heavyweights, bettors will have to carefully study the statistics of meetings of each of the athletes. Among boxers, there are both knockout fighters and distance fighters. The former give up their strength to knock their opponent out in the first minutes, while the latter tire their opponent out and work on his speed and scoring.

If two knockouts meet, the right decision is to bet on a small total. If not, evaluate the boxers’ technique and strategy on your own. Often fighters use the same tactics, slightly modifying them for a particular opponent.


Playing Against A Favorite

In this tactic, you have to bet on an underdog to win. There are two model formats: on a particular athlete or on all underdogs in a row. The first option is a matter of down-the-road betting  — the boxers do not fight often, so you can make a profit within a few months. The second format is preferable — outsiders face favorites every week.

The idea is this: bet on the victory of the outsider with odds from 4 +. If the bet loses we choose the next match of the pair “favorite-outsider” according to the chronology and again make a choice in favor of the obviously weak player. If the series of defeats stretches to 4-5 losses, raise the face value of the bet twice. Try to distribute the bank correctly.

Play to win — as soon as the bet plays, reduce its face value to its original. Outsiders in boxing win often, so the losses will not last long – the bet should play for the tenth time at most, which, with proper financial planning, will cover all the minuses and put you in the black.

Choose the average value of the total rounds for a particular boxer or for all fights in a row and bet constantly either “less” or “more”. The difference is that betting on totals does not provide for a long series of losses — if you constantly hit the same value, sooner or later it will become a winning value. Odds on average totals are kept around 1.80-1.90, so after each loss raise the face value of the bet by about 2 times. Closely monitor the bank — it is better to start the game according to the strategy with a bet size of 2-3% of the total amount on the balance.



Betting on boxing is a risky but interesting activity. It is important to be able to analyze the matches correctly, have a good understanding of the sport and watch a large number of fights. It will also be important to choose the right bookmaker for long-term cooperation — so that the odds are high and there is access to a wide range of coverage. The strategies presented in this article will be highly effective with proper financial planning, but do not forget about the importance of analyzing each fight.

Before making a bet, it is worth studying all available sources of information about the boxer, the opponent, the status of the fight, the venue of the fight (the native audience decides a lot), and the current state of both fighters. The modern reality allows the player to be aware of almost all boxers’ training (now it is fashionable to post some of the boxers’ training footage on video hosting sites).

Factors that influence the correct choice of betting are many. If you don’t take at least one into account, you can be wrong about your option.



It is a mammoth task to win by placing boxing bets?

No, it’s not difficult as it might seem to be. You need to be focused, fully aware of the match participants, and place bets according to your senses.

How to win money by placing bets?

You need to find the boxing outing you like and study all the H2H data beforehand. Do not lose faith in your strategy.

Is it worth betting on knockouts?

Fair enough. But consider making this bet on heavyweights. These competitors have one-punch power.

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