Watch Viral Video: Motorcyclist Riding In A River Made Netizens Shocked

Motorcyclist riding through river

Every now and then, some videos surface on the internet that goes viral. Be it the “pawri ho rahi hai” or “Bengaluru cab driver speaking fluent Sanskrit,” the list of viral videos is never-ending. Furthermore, recently another video has come to the limelight that will make you go crazy. In this latest video, we can see a motorcyclist riding in a river. Sounds unbelievable? Check out this article that will, without any doubt, burst your bubble.


The Motorcyclist Riding In A River Like An Expert

Motorcyclist Riding In A River

The internet has been buzzing over a viral video. It showcases how a motor rider expertly maneuvers his bike through the flowing river. Furthermore, in the viral video, one can also see how he speeds up, thereby kicking up a spray of water. Since the moment the video appeared on the internet, it has been spreading like wildfire. While some were amazed by the man’s capabilities, many were deliberating on how he did that.

The viral video has been shared on Twitter by Motor Octane with the caption,

“The perfect example of “Where there is a will, there’s a way” Thoughts about this? Very clever or just very risky?”

The man can be seen carrying a black rucksack on his shoulder, no shoes on his feet, and his trousers folded up. Furthermore, the way he takes crazy turns and finally reaches the other side feels like he knows the path so well. Check out this viral video,


Here Is What The Shocked Netizens Saying

So far, this crazy viral video has received over 700k views, over 500 retweets, and around 4000 likes. However, to assume that it probably has crossed this tally would also be not wrong.

One user wrote by assuming, as we quote,

“He has known the river very well for a long time. It is common in some areas in Assam.”

Another user wrote, as we quote,

“Obviously risky. What happens to the engine if water gets into the exhaust?”

The third comment read,

“But he must have seen low tide there, i.e., the place without water, and was certain of the depth. Every day, I cross a bridge over the sea and have an idea.” 

Another person added,

“We can’t even imagine the risks one has to take to earn his daily bread.” 

What are your thoughts about this viral video? Do you think it is amazing? Or just very risky? Do tell us via the comments below.

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