Watch Viral Video: Bengaluru Cab Driver Speaks Fluent Sanskrit, Leaves Netizens Amazed

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Bengaluru Cab Driver Speaks Fluent Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a rich language that holds a lot of cultural and traditional significance in India. During ancient times, Sanskrit was one of the most spoken languages. However, today it is Hindi which is most people’s mother tongue in India. Although, what would be your reaction if we say even in today’s modern time, there are people who are still well versed in Sanskrit? A video is going viral where a Bengaluru cab driver speaks fluent Sanskrit. And the internet cannot stop gushing about it. If you are curious about this viral video, then read on.


Bengaluru Cab Driver Speaks Fluent Sanskrit

In a recent amazing event, a cab passenger witnessed his driver doing something he had never thought of. Yes, his driver was speaking fluent Sanskrit with him. In Bengaluru, a passenger boarded a cab and initiated a conversation with his driver in Sanskrit. What started as fun turned out to be monumental when the driver also responded in the same language.

Furthermore, the passenger started recording a video of the incident. As the video goes by, one can witness the driver speaking Sanskrit more fluently. Eventually, the cab driver reveals that he has spoken the language for about ten years. Therefore, he is so good at it. Check out the video.


Here Is How Netizens Are Reacting

 The video of this Bengaluru cab driver speaking fluent Sanskrit has amazed the internet. This 45-second video is going super viral. Furthermore, talking about its views, it has almost 80k videos with plenty of likes and comments. Several people made interesting comments showing their admiration.

A lady commented on the post, “how I wish to learn to speak in fluent Sanskrit.”

Expressing his gladness, a man wrote, “Wow… I thought I had forgotten the language which I learnt in school for 5 years I could understand the conversation!!!” 

Another man expressed his content by writing, “It sounds so polite.”

Another woman wrote, “Hopeful soothing news amidst all the gloom. May his tribe increase.”

What are your thoughts on this viral video of a Bengaluru cab driver speaking fluent Sanskrit? What is your favorite language? Do tell us via the comments below.

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