Watch Video: Passengers Perform Impromptu Garba At The Bengaluru Airport During Navratri

Watch The Video Of Passengers Doing Garba During Navratri At Bengaluru Airport

Garba at Bengaluru Airport Videovia

You can truly appreciate the festive spirit in the company of others, and Bengaluru airport witnessed one such incident. The festival of Navratri unites individuals from different backgrounds. India-wide festivities for Navratri’s nine-day celebration are already underway. It’s all about the colorful costumes, late-night dancing, delicious food, and a tribute to “Narishakti.” The festival is a unique occasion for celebration. Several travelers at Bengaluru airport spontaneously started dancing the Garba.


Passengers Did The Garba At Bengaluru Airport

An event brought the airport staff in Bengaluru together. They unexpectedly started performing the Garba dance, shocking the onlookers. They did it to celebrate and observe the Navaratri festival. Travelers and onlookers dropped their bags and joined in an impromptu celebration. Divya Putrevu, a Twitter user, posted pictures and a video of the dance. “Just trust them when they say anything can happen in Bengaluru! Had my @peakbengaluru moment again at the @BLRAirport Crazy event by the staff! Beautiful to see random travelers gathering just to play Garba,” she wrote.

Huge crowds were seen forming a circle in the pictures to perform the Garba. While some of the staff members were dressed as tigers, other women could be seen wearing vibrant traditional attire. Children, adults, and even men joined in to move in rhythm with the music, mesmerizing the audience. Additionally, the video of people and airport staff doing the Garba has gone viral. On the social networking site, 4,225 individuals have watched the video. The Bengaluru Airport’s official account responded to the tweet as well. They claimed that Bangalore Airport works hard to set the bar high for excellent passenger experiences.


Netizens’ React To The Video

Garba at Bengaluru Airport

There are many positive comments in the post’s comment section. One user said, “Love the vibes.” Another person said, “Namma Bengaluru is a melting pot of different cultures.” A person also stated, “Anything can happen here, which is why we adore Bengaluru.”

Navaratri, a festival honoring the Hindu goddess Durga and also her nine forms, essentially means “nine nights.” Additionally, people observe ritualistic fasts, chant shlokas to each goddess, and ask for blessings for their family’s wellbeing. Navratri is also celebrated in a big way, with everything from Garba to the Dandiya Raas. Moreover, videos of Garba dancing are currently flooding the internet in unusual places all over the nation. From matching steps in a Mumbai local train to also doing the Garba in a swimming pool. The post-pandemic celebrations are on a different level. The Navratri celebrations are still going strong.

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