Salto de Castro: This Entire Spanish Village Is On Sale For Rs 2.1 Crore

Abandoned Village For Over 30 Years

Salto De Castro For Sale

You must have heard that people often put their apartments or land on sale. However, have you ever heard that an entire village is put on sale by a country? Well, fret not because today we will enlighten you about the same. In a very astounding happening, Spain has put an entire village with 44 houses on sale. This is happening to populate the village that has been abandoned for over 30 years. Yes, we are talking about the Spanish village Salto de Castro.

If you are curious to know more, you are at the right place. Read on to know about this Spanish village that is on sale for almost Rs 2.1 crore.


Abandoned Spanish Village Is Now On Sale

Salto de Castro

Salto de Castro is a village located on the Spain-Portugal border and is three hours away from Madrid by road. However, the owner of this Spanish village Romuald Rodriguez has declared he cannot maintain the upkeep of the village since he is an urban dweller. Therefore, he has put the whole village on the market. As per the BBC, the village has 44 homes, a hotel, a church, a school, a municipal swimming pool, and whatnot. Nonetheless, it has been abandoned for over three decades now.

Located in the Zamora province of north-western Spain, the village sits on a hilltop looking out over the Arribes del Duero natural park. Furthermore, what is interesting to note is that the village had a barracks building that was once home to several civil guards.


Salto de Castro Is On Sale For Rs 2.1 Crore

Salto de Castro Village For Sale

We are sure that you are astounded to note how with such amenities, the village is still abandoned. No one has lived in this well-structured village for more than 30 years. The village that spreads over 6,600 sq meters was built in the 1950s. Furthermore, it was built by an electricity generation company to provide accommodation to the families of workers at the dam nearby. However, it was still completely abandoned in 1980.

The current owner Romuald Rodriguez bought Salto de Castro to turn it into a tourist destination. However, it could not happen. The village was also on sale a while ago for an even higher price. However, no one turned to buy it.

Salto de Castro Spanish Village

Now the village is on sale for almost Rs 2.1 crore, which seems like a fantastic deal. Considering such is the price for a one-bedroom apartment in Madrid. However, there is a stumbling block that you must know. While you may buy the village for Rs 2.1 crore, it still needs renovation in the form of an investment that would cost more than Rs 16 crore.

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