Watch Viral Video: Monkey Attends Funeral Of Man Who Used To Feed Him; Leaves Everyone Emotional

An emotional video of monkey attending the funeral of man goes viral

Monkey Attending Funeral Videovia

Who says animals have no emotion? Animals are the ones who feel as much as any human does. It is scientifically proven that animals feel plenty of complex emotions. Be it empathy, fear, or even grief. In today’s trending tales, we have come up with news about how a monkey expresses his dismay and grief for a human. In addition, a very heartbreaking video surfaced on the internet that shows how a monkey attends the funeral of a man who used to feed him. If you are curious about this scoop, you are in the right place. Read on.


Monkey Attends The Funeral At Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

This video was first shared on Twitter by the username Aslaw CC. He put the caption, “A monkey paying tribute at the #funeral of its master in #Batticaloa. #truelove.”

A short video clip from Batticaloa, eastern Sri Lanka, is in circulation. In the video, one can witness a monkey sitting near the body of a corpse. The corpse is believed to be the man who used to feed the monkey. In addition, one can see how the monkey sits near him not for a short time but for several minutes, seeking to wake him up. Why does the monkey do so? The man who died cared for the monkey, fed him, and took care of him.

Calmly the people tried to move the monkey away, but he did not budge. At one point, the monkey salutes the man’s body and bows down to kiss his forehead. Furthermore, it continues to sit right next to the man’s body. If you look at the video, you will realize that the monkey picks up his hand and tries to shake it, hoping to get the man’s attention. This left the netizens highly emotional.


Netizens Are Moved By This Viral Video

Furthermore, if we talk about people’s reaction, it is super emotional. Since then, it has gone viral on every social media platform. In addition to that, plenty of people put forth their views via comments on the post. One user wrote, “Unconditional love of the animal world. Human beings have reduced relationships to needs based ones. Very touching sight!”

“Gosh it’s so touching.. i can’t control my tears,” commented another user.

“Very true. Hope people change their attitude towards animal,” wrote a third user.

In conclusion, from this tale, we learn that animals, too, have emotions, and we should treat them with the same mindset and feelings. Let us knows your views on this viral video via the comments below!

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