Money Just Comes Out From This Tree In UK! Read The Mysterious Story

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In childhood, almost every kid of 90s tried to sow coins and watered expecting a money plant will come from that coin seed. It was one of the funniest moments where parents have to dig the soil out and get those coins back. Today generation can’t experience such beauty as they are so obsessed with smartphone right from the time they were born and get eyesight at the very young age.

However, in the UK, money grows on trees.

Yes. But not in the way you think.

In the 1700s period, people in the UK used to jam pennies and coins into the bark of the tree in order to bring them good luck.  According to the legend, “If a person is ill, they can fill the trunk with coins so that the tree will take away the illness and if you take a coin out then you will become ill”.

They used to believe that divine spirits lived in trees and they were often festooned with sweets and gifts. They have apparently used it as wishing tree.

And the result is the tree with coins.


The strange phenomenon has been spotted on trails from the Peak District to the Scottish Highlands. The tree has coins from centuries ago buried deep in their bark and warped by the passage of time.

In order to widen the path to the picturesque settlement founded in 1925, the first tree was cut down four years ago and within only a few months it was covered with 2p coins. Now there are seven such tree trunks in the area. So, estate manager Meurig Jones started an investigation to uncover the origins of this unusual habit.


Meurig Jones, an estate manager at the tourist destination said, “We had no idea why it was being done when we first noticed the tree trunk was being filled with coins. I did some detective work and discovered that trees were sometimes used as “wishing trees”. A sick person could press a coin into a tree and their illness would go away.  If someone then takes the coin out though, it’s said they then become ill.”

‘We haven’t publicized it at all, it’s just happened,’ he added. ‘It’s quite amazing really.’

Yoko Ono has used wishing trees in her artwork. In 1877 Queen Victoria wrote about visiting an oak tree with coins stuck in it in the Highlands.

Just like their belief, in India, we also have some customs and traditions. Unfortunately, today kids ask heinous questions on Ramayana and Mahabharata that has sarcastic meaning on Hinduism and their parents think that their kids are great. And people like them are a curse to our country.

Parents who should teach ethical values forget that completely and are in a race to earn money. These days most of the people are getting married by seeing salary and property. They don’t mind of personal attitude, character, behavior and their family relationships. What they are seeing is caste and salary, property. In such case, we can’t expect good children from them as they themselves are unaware what qualities to see in the partner, what kind of ethics to be followed before and after marriage.

By the way, the tree is awesome with coins. Isn’t it? Share us in the comments.  Wanna know even more mystery stories? Read here.

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