The Secret Behind The Scam By Nirav Modi Is Out!- Shocking News

Nirav Modi Scam on PNB Revealedvia
Nirav Modi had recently scammed PNB for a lot of money. Now officials have looked into the case and found the truth behind how he would have done it.  Dinesh Dubey, the then director of Allahabad Bank, made several disclosures today about how Nirav Modi had applied for a loan in Allahabad Bank which Dubey had refused. Then Dinesh was removed from his job at the bank by the finance minister at that time.
Here are 2 tweets, that will help you will understand very well what is going on in this country, pay attention to both tweets and see what they have to tell

What Exactly Happened

On September 13, 2013, at the luxury hotel “Imperial Hotel” in Delhi, Nirav Modi had set up an Ayyashish party and invited Rahul Gandhi who came wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

Then Dinesh Dubey, who was the director of Allahabad Bank, canceled Nirav Modi ‘s loan. On September 13, Nirav Modi meets Rahul Gandhi at the Imperial Hotel and the next day Allahabad Bank’s loan worth 1500 crores was sanctioned to Modi.
After that, the director of the bank, Dinesh Dubey, starts resisting it and writes letters to the RBI and the officials of the Finance Ministry. Then the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram writes to Dinesh Dubey, and sack him from his job.
All this seems to a carefully plotted scheme which shocks me. Look at the number of plans they have put in to pull off this scheme. It maybe rumors or it can be the truth. Who knows? Also, have a look at the people who pulled of major scams such as this and ran away.